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Updated: Feb 11

Have you ever noticed in relationship with a friend, coworker or family member that there are misunderstandings? This is because most people see the world through their eyes only. They identify closely with their own feelings and experiences – so much so that they believe this to be the only reality.

Mindfulness Coaching

How To Choose Love | Mindfulness Coaching


There are times when it could be to your advantage to become the observer. To pull back from a situation to gain perspective and understanding from a more objective point of view.

Consider what you may need to know about a situation or person in order to be more benevolent. What you feel is right in your mind may not apply in every situation. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than correct.

I’m not suggesting you allow someone to walk all over you. What I’m suggesting is neutral observation from a distance. Take your emotions out of it. Back up, look through your wide angle lenses and gain some perspective. Is it important to the relationship that he/she puts the toothpaste cap on or that your co-worker offers you a cup of coffee when he/she gets one for themselves? It might be considerate in your mind. However, we were not all raised the same. What’s important to you may be oblivious to another.

"Life isn't about waiting for the rain to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain"- Vivian Greene

When you decide you care more about that person or the relationship than being right you in turn will grow. Letting go of the little things that bother you is letting go of judgement and that leaves more room for loving yourself and others.

Focus on your goal. Is it the relationship you want or is it to be right? One is considerate and open hearted, the other is self-serving and isolating. Being okay with differences is loving, having to be right is not, it’s based in fear. Choose love.

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