The T-Shirt Journey

Only Love Heals T-shirt’s were created to remind you of who you really are. 


The message of Only Love Heals carries a vibration of love or above meaning that when you read the message, it will raise your vibration.  What does raising your vibration mean? It means it increases the positive energy within you!

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The Meaning Behind The Print

The printing on the front and/or the back of the T-shirt Is silk-screened with water-based ink allowing the mantra to flow freely with the threads of the garment symbolizing the flow of life.


There is a blessed golden thread woven into the left side of the garment as a reminder that your heart is on the left side of your body. You can hug left side to left side, heart to heart. You can lean in with your heart and lead with love trusting you are safe knowing Only Love Heals.

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The Golden Thread 

The Golden Thread is a reminder that we’re intrinsically etherial connection to each other. We’ve never been alone or separated from source even if we have felt that way at times. 

It’s a reminder that life is precious and relationships are a gift.


Lastly, there is an embroidered golden heart on the shirt representing you at your core, the energy of love, your true authentic self. I believe that wearing the shirt allows the feeling of love to be absorbed into your body!

Go out into the world and share who you are, share your love-light energy

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