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Mindfulness Coach
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If you've ever felt that you should or could be happier than you are, you're probably right.

Working Together

When collaborating with a client, I leverage my formal education, training, and intuitive and mindfulness coaching skills. This helps clients recognize blocks in their mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Using various tools and techniques, we release these interferences and consciously fill the space with love and light. This empowers clients to actively participate in their healing, gaining insight and understanding of the imbalances they've been living with.

Mindfulness Coach

We connect by phone, providing the freedom to have sessions in the privacy of your own home, car, or office. Starting with me tuning into you, sessions can begin with your questions or insights arising from the connection. Without attachments to your past, I approach information without judgment, whether from present day, your past, childhood, relationships, or even past lives. The shared experience is fluid, delving into the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind with techniques like visualizations, realizations, and breath work help shift you towards a joy-filled state of being.

Healing involves understanding the true nature of the moment and letting go of judgment. Shifting your perception about a situation or experience allows for self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. Letting go of past pains becomes easier, enabling a focus on the present moment.

Everyone benefits from releasing emotional blocks, reducing stress, and creating internal balance. Life often feels like a struggle, and at those times, seeking assistance and planning for a brighter future can make a significant difference. Developing inner strength is crucial for navigating challenging times.


Dare to dream, achieve success, and embrace greater personal growth.

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