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" If you have ever thought you should or could be happier than you are.. you're probably right."

Working Together

When I am working with a client I combine my formal education with training, experiences and my intuitive coaching skills to help the client recognize blocks in the mental, emotional and physical bodies; release these interference through any number of tools and techniques and then consciously replace the space with love and light.


This gives the client an opportunity to actively participate in their healing. To gain their own insight and understanding of the imbalances that they have been living with.

I have found that so much of healing is in understanding what was truly taking place in the moment and letting go of judgement. With this, you’re able to shift your perception about a situation or experience. Then you learn to forgive yourself and others. The letting go of the pains of the past gets easier and you’re able to move on to the present moment.


Truly we all want the same thing; to love and to be loved.

I know I can make this sound easy. I understand it’s a journey, I’ve had my own. It’s a process and it takes time.

We’ll connect by phone. You can have a session in the privacy of your own home/car/office. My clients are able to share deeply with the freedom of the phone and no worries about physical limitations in an office setting.

We begin a session with me tuning into you. These are my words about how I connect with you. You may have a list of questions or I can begin with what is coming up when I tune in.

Since I don’t have any attachments to anything that’s happened in your life, the information about you comes up as thoughts without judgement. That begins our dialogue.

Sometimes it’s present day and sometimes it’s something in your past. It could be from your childhood former or current relationships or even past lives. I go where the information takes me. Often we go deep into the Subconscious mind.

The shared experience is very fluid. I work with energy so when something feels stuck that’s where we go. We’ll work together to resolve the issue. This usually is the energetic work. It can be done through visualizations, realizations and/or breathe work. These are a few techniques I use all in an effort to shift you to a joy filled state of being.

Everyone benefits from; releasing emotional blocks, reducing the stress in their lives and creating internal balance.


Often life feels too much like a struggle. At that time, one could use a little help and a plan for a brighter future. Your inner strength needs to be developed so you can call upon it in challenging times.


Dare to dream, to achieve success and greater personal growth

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