Learning to live

Only Love Healsallows you to heal yourself and find love and compassion for others.

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Only Love Heals was born from countless sessions with clients. No matter what issue we were working on, the idea of Only Love Heals presented itself as a way of healing and eventually a way of life. 


If there is anywhere you’re not loving yourself it shows up as a fear energy like anger, hate, judgment or lack of forgiveness for yourself or another person. When you allow this concept of only love heals to come into your consciousness you find ways to become happier, healthier and more whole.


When you learn to love yourself your happiness is assured. You are no longer dependent on another person, place or thing to be happy or to belong or to feel love. 

The love comes from within!

You know this concept better than you think. When someone you love is hurting you pray for them. A prayer is the energy of love...sent. You also send them good thoughts and hope for the best possible outcome, which is more love energy.


The same thing applies to you. When you are hurting, no matter where the hurt comes from, if you learn to love yourself through it then you have the power to heal.  When you feel it, you can to heal it.


This also applies when you’re not hurting. Do you have loving thought about yourself or do you make up stories of how you fall short or could have done something better? There is nothing wrong with striving to do things better. What isn't okay is all the negative self-talk that might accompany it.

The negative self-talk can stem from you not feeling safe. Maybe you’re afraid of being alone or you may be afraid that you’re not enough or not worthy of love.


At any time you can choose to respond with the energy of fear or the energy of love


If you are using the energy of love as an approach to anything, then you exponentially increase your chances of success.  Compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and understanding are all healing energies that come under the umbrella of love.

Love Is An Energy

Knowing that love is an energy, which is, the opposite of the energy of fear you’ll understand that only the energy of love heals.  The expression “Only Love Heals” has emerged from the wisdom that love is an energy and we are all made up of the energy of love!


I want you to know that if you are breathing you can learn to love yourself and no one can take that away from you.

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