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Mindfulness Coaching
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Personal Growth Coaching

Welcome to the transformative journey with an Intuitive Personal Growth Coach, your guide to lasting changes in your life!  As we work together you will become empowered to embrace the best version of yourself. The approach involves recognizing and dismantling old fears that have fueled self-doubt, self-destruction, and self-defeating behaviors in your life.
The first step is identifying these barriers, then we work towards releasing the energies  tied to these issues. In their place, we cultivate a space that is more life-affirming, and loving, fostering self-acceptance unlike anything you've experienced before.
Understanding that only the energy of love has the power to heal. 
Together, we embark on a journey to discover your true self, creating an authentic life and learning to love the life you live. 
Are you ready to uncover your authentic self, embrace self-acceptance, and step into a life filled with love and light? 

Have you ever thought, “Oh, that’s just the way I am” or “I’m like this because…”?  Fill in the blank. Every struggle, imbalance, or unpleasant experience has two parts to it: one part is the push and the other part is the pull. The push is coming from your subconscious, while the pull is the habit that’s been formed around it. You’ve done something for so long that you think it’s a part of you.


When you work with me as an Intuitive Personal Growth Coach, we will work on undoing the push, the underlying cause. Then, the habit becomes easier to break because it does not have the negative energy behind it. If you want something—an idea, an attitude, or a perception of yours—to shift or change, together we can make that happen. 


Mindfulness Coaching


I’m Celia, seeker of wisdom and eternal optimist! I’m dedicated to helping you discover your inner beauty, joy, and passion for life.


As far back as I can remember, I’ve been helping people. Sometimes it was in small gestures, a smile, baked goods, or a conversation with a stranger. Always the same idea of wanting them to FEEL included, welcomed, and connected to something bigger than themselves!


Later in life when I was faced with challenges and the overcoming of them, I discovered I have a heartfelt compassion for people who want or feel the need to make changes in their lives.


I have always loved people and their stories. I’ve always been curious about why they do what they do, not from judgment, from compassion. Now, when I work as a Mindfulness Coach, I see through all the distractions to your core issues, and we work to expose and heal them.



I help you work with the aspects that have kept you from being happy or successful in your personal and professional life. There really aren’t any prerequisites for these kinds of life-altering changes, just the intention and/or desire for something to be different than it has been and the willingness to change.

As a Personal Growth Coach, I help you make these changes that become permanent and feel like a renewed way of living.

Have you ever been frustrated or disappointed in yourself? Maybe you thought you dealt with an issue and it keeps coming back? An issue can have many layers. I’m sure you’ve dealt with some of them. A Coach will help you go deeper into the root cause. When you go deep into the subconscious, you begin to remove the underlying causes.


Simultaneously, we will be working on the habit associated with that issue. The habit is that part of you that you might think can’t change. It can present as resistance, anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, and/or overwhelm, just to name a few.


As we work together, we build on the successes you've experienced. You’ll come to realize that well-being is cumulative. We go deep into the subconscious where you release emotional blockages and pains from the past that have kept you from living your best life. You’ll experience enhanced awareness, reduced stress, improved focus and decision-making, and an overall sense of authenticity and confidence. 

It’s totally empowering internal growth which then begins to radiate outward and shows up in tangible successes.

Personal Growth Coaching helps to remove what has been in the way of joy, happiness, health, and loving relationships allowing all of these AND so much more into your life.

During a coaching session, I’ll share tools which will help you to develop your own emotional resilience.

When we start a session, I show up for you in the purest form of self-help: I show up as your own inner guidance and as such, the guidance is a reflection of your own inner knowing! There is a sense of calm and connectedness that my clients report. Even when we’re working through the tough stuff.

What you look at goes away while what your resist will persist.

This kind of personal healing is very rewarding and transformative. Sometimes funny, other times the process is tearful and more challenging. The goal is always the same. We’re looking to remove blocks that have kept you from living your fullest life.

We’ll work together with a variety of different tools and techniques such as; Meditation, breath work, visualizations, past life regressions, soul retrieval, and other techniques to cultivate present-moment awareness and emotional resilience.

Embark on a transformative journey with an Intuitive Personal Growth Coach, guiding you toward lasting change. Together, we dismantle fears, embrace self-acceptance, and cultivate a life filled with love.  

Unlock your potential…When you’re ready, we can begin this journey toward becoming happy, healthy, and whole, mind, body, and soul!

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