A Prayer for Humanity

I didn't know my addiction was a disorder or a disease.

I thought I'd be happy when I married the one of my dreams...

We had babies and a house on a hill...

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I should be fulfilled...

I read books, studied and earned a degree,

It didn't seem to help me to see.


I fell deeper into depression and anxiety,

Looking for the part that was missing of me.

I used to be joy-filled, 

Where did I go?

If I can't find myself, then who do I know?


I would never leave my babies but there has to be something more.

Please tell me, what am I fighting for?


I need something stronger than a prescription or a pill.


I need hope, faith and a promise of more still...

Put yourself first they say...


Not in a selfish way, just put yourself first, they say...


Take care, learn love from within

Grow your roots deep, you can weather the wind.


Show me mercy, show me, me,

Show me love, unconditionally...

To learn that only love heals,

Is a big win.

It's forgiveness from within.


Authentic, conscious and wholehearted living,

A soul full of love, compassion and giving.

This is my wish for you and me...


To love, honor and cherish ourselves, 

because what will be, will be...a beautiful humanity.



        Celia Lambert        

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