It is such a gift and an honor to work with so many lovely, loving and wonderful people! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your journey!

Love and light,


“A strong woman knows she has strength for the journey, but a woman of strength knows that it is within the journey she will find her strength”


- Maya Angelou

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Personal Transformation Stories

  • Misty Woodland

    Unbelievably Grateful For Celia

    Nikki- Hawaii

    Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found Celia. I had been struggling with an addiction to bulimia for 10 years- mostly in secret. I had worked with therapists of different sorts and tried anything and everything to heal myself. It was only when I found Celia that I was able to make leaps and bounds in my recovery. She is the sweetest, most genuine woman I have ever met and her healing and intuitive abilities are incredible. She truly has a gift. Never have I felt as completely understood as I did with Celia. Her own struggle with food and journey to healing has allowed her to light the way so that others can see more clearly on their own paths to recovery.

  • Wheat Field

    My Personal Breakthrough

    Jennifer- Illinois

    I reached out to the beautiful Celia when I was finally done with my life staying where it was and truly needed a breakthrough. I wanted change at the core and depth of my being. And I wanted it to be permanent. Celia has gone to the deepest darkest places of my existence with me to release all that was keeping me stuck!!! She has empowered me and given me tools to embrace my best life!!

  • A View

    Brought Love Back

    Ann- New York

    Celia has been working with my daughter and me for a couple of years. She has helped my daughter greatly. Celia picks up where traditional therapy leaves off. Not just bringing you to a problem or a moment but bringing you through it. By helping you shine light and love on yourself. By opening yourself up to love and learning to love yourself. That is what truly heals. Only love heals

  • Wild River

    Genuine At Heart + Soul

    Tami- New York

    Once again, thanks for your help, insights and caring. I must say that whenever I finish a conversation with you, I feel so empowered and calm. And you make me feel like everything is going to be okay. This is a gift you have… and I am happy that you’ve shared it with me.

  • Wild Pond

    Trusting + Genuine

    Angelica- New York

    Of all the people I have worked with, Celia is by far the most in touch with me and my spirit. I don’t think I have ever trusted someone as much as I do her to understand my emotional and spiritual state and to guide me toward the most constructive next step in my own self-growth. Not only was Celia meant to do this kind of work, but she pours her heart and soul into it, she genuinely cares.

  • Winding Roads

    Release and Love With Celia

    Lani- Washington

    Celia has such a loving and tender approach to her work. There is no judgment or negativity and she oozes love and light. I went through a series of heartbreaking circumstances and needed help to move forward so I could function again. Celia, with the help of angels, started the process of clearing out energy that no longer served me. She guided me through the process of release and showed me what was going on on a spiritual level. I walked away from a session with her feeling lighter and with renewed purpose. She is a blessing.

  • Misty Forest Reflection

    Beyond Awesome To Work With

    Bridget- Illinois

    Quite frankly, Celia rocks. You always help to guide people including me to the path, that’s right for the individual. You helped me find my inner strength and Love and light is now a part of my daily prayers. I have learned to listen to my inner voice and heart first, all because of my dear friend Celia. Thank you Celia for this wonderful gift. My soul sister, friend, teacher, guide, mentor. Love you bunches.

  • Forest

    Authentic, Genuine, & Delightful

    Melody- Oregon

    Thanks for asking for my input! I am happy to help in any way as your mission has touched me in profound ways and any way I can help spread your work to others ….that just helps us all! I began working with Celia at an important time in my life. With her guidance and insight, she has assisted me in finding my way to a authentic self that is unhindered with past wrongs an hurts. Allowing me to be my best self and discover new wondrous parts of myself I never knew existed. She changed my life!

  • Wild River

    Incredible Change In My Life

    Mary- California

    Celia has had such an impact on my life.  I have not been feeling great about myself for many of my decisions throughout my life.  Since I started meeting with Celia,  I have put in the work and it opened up my eyes and heart to things I needed to see in order to feel better about myself and start making better decisions for my future and also how I interact with people in my life.   I will take these guidance’s with me throughout the rest of my life.  Its never too late and Celia helped me through that.  I am so lucky to have found her.

  • Forest Stream

    Feeling Grounded Again

    Brenda- Oregon

    After years of depression and trying numerous medications and healing modalities I found Celia was able to get to the root of my issues and immediately after releasing some of them I noticed a marked difference in how I felt.I felt a sense of well being, of being present and even what I can only describe as seeing through my own eyes.I felt light yet grounded, safe and less afraid. Working with Celia is comforting, eye-opening, validating and exhilarating as she helps me uncover and let go of long held “yuck” that I’ve been dragging around or stuffing down for decades. Now I’m finding it easier to do things I’ve been avoiding. I find myself taking positive actions without even thinking about them.It’s like my default setting has been reset to be more proactive and self-loving. The constant negative self-talk has all but stopped and I’m able to imagine and see a future for myself that is only what I dared to dream before.

  • Beach

    Breaking Through My Blocks

    Peter- California

    For more than 50 years I struggle with managing healthy and productive relationships, I looked to traditional counselors and their therapies to find whatever keys to unlock these “blocks”. This approach only exasperated me further. It was at this point in my life when I was introduced to Celia Lambert at a lecture she was giving in Portland.

    After my first meeting with Celia, I felt as if I had finally broken the surface and emerged from under water, able to pull in a full breath of fresh air. With her intuitive style and insight into the emotional body, Celia helped me to recognize the “blocks” that prevent me from bringing my whole and complete self into each relationship. This included my personal, professional and family relationships. Equally important, Celia provided me the tools and resources I needed to continue to grow in these areas. No one has influenced and empowered my life greater than Celia Lambert!

  • Clear Water Lake

    Most Transformational Experience

    Sara- Michigan

    Working with Celia has not only been the single most transformational experience that I’ve had in healing past wounds and realeasing blocks; it has also been a complete life-hack into discovering true joy, peace, and happiness.

    She has personally helped me with: Informed decision making (large and small). Overcoming extreme stress and anxiety. Physically breathing migraines and panic attacks out of my body through personalized guided meditations. Past life regression healing work. Forgiving in areas I didn’t think possible. Feeling grounded, protected, and empowered in my life. Tuning into and developing my own intuition. Trusting my own intuition. Finally discovering how to fully love and accept myself. Strenghthening significant relationships in my life. Resolving conflict. Uncovering and expanding my gifts, talents, and passions. To be honest, the list goes on and on. There is no topic that has ever been too obscure or uncomfortable to discuss with her. I trust her will my darkest shames, deepest vulnerabilities, and greatest joys. She is the most genuine and non-judgmental being that I know. Her practice is unparalleled, tailored to you, and based in the purest intentions. She has truly helped me see that #OnlyLoveHeals.

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